Space Station 15: The Spess Beckons

Adventure 4

Booty Call

A Nanotrasen owned Sector in the Orion Constellation is currently under extreme import embargos, A defecting Nanotrasen group are in need of vital supplies that will allow them to usurp the core planet in the sector without raising too much of an alarm. Good Smugglers are needed.


Special Warnings:

  • Red Alert, Sector warp gates and checkpoints are under serious security watch.
  • Automated Defense, Stray ships running un-registered or flagged signals near checkpoints or planets will be blasted out of the space.
  • Delta on Standby, Nanotrasen Officials have acknowledged the importance of Siaph and are ready to deploy a Death Squad on request.

Reward: 15000 Space Cash, Syndicate Assault Pod & Launch Bay



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