Space Station 15: The Spess Beckons

Adventure 5

2589: Leroche Incident

Deep within the Stations Nanotrasen Database sits centuries worth of history that catalogs the great Corporate War. A notable event is tagged as '2589: Leroche Incident' and is considered a Delta level data-disk; while not in a condition to be displayed it can be run through a Holodeck simulation and played back cerebrally.

A printed label on the side reads: "On Year 2589 of the Great Corporate War [REDACTED] Division was deployed upon Leroche in an attempt to sabotage a Syndicate Orbital Defense System that was preventing the bulk of Nanotrasen Marines from landing on the planets surface. A ERT Class Suicide pod was mass drivered and propelled towards the believed source of the System conta-" The writing abruptly ends here.


Special Warnings:

  • Throwaway Characters, This adventure players control custom made characters
  • Historical Significance, This adventure will open up a path into a following one that will allow for the discovery of an important entity.
  • What Happened? Players are able to shape what really happened on Leroche.
  • The Sacrifices Made, Not everyone will survive this adventure.



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