Space Station 15: The Spess Beckons

Adventure 6

Muh Honkcrees

Somewhere on a high security Prison Station one of the direct descendants of the HonkMother is being held cryogenically captive against her will. The Clown Empire have pin-pointed its location and require an elite team of hardened mercenaries to extract the young Clown Princess before she is transferred somewhere else.


Special Warnings:

  • Where Clowns Sleep…, The entire station is subject to the chaotic presence of the Clown Princess as she slumbers; reality wanes as the very essence of the Honkmother permeates the area. Chaos tiers require half their amount. 
  • Secrets Best Kept Secret, The station holds something dark and horrific, but in the eyes of a Clown it is apart of a grand joke.
  • Royal Honkcree, Within her dreams the Princess indirectly influences those around her. Anyone can use Clown Abilities, Chaos tier is shared among all combatants.



Shezza, FatherofIntervention



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